Monday, 12 July 2010

Handmade Wedding!!

The wedding season is upon us and this got me thinking about how, in these difficult financial times can we still have a fabulous wedding without having to spend a fortune? I got married eighteen months ago and couldn't believe the price I had to pay for some of the things I really wanted as part of my day! If only I had known then what I know now!!

There are so many craftspeople around who make fabulous, handmade items that are so much less expensive than going for mass produced wedding items. Many of us try to reduce the cost of our wedding but without cutting out the things that make our day special to us. Instead of going to your high street to buy the things you want, why not spend just a  bit more time looking for items that will make your day that little bit more special....and unique?!?

Here are just a few of the items that you could buy from many talented people out there! Not only will you have something that no one else has, but you will also be supporting a hardworking craftperson who is spending their precious time making items with love and care just for you!!

Your wedding cake could be made completely unique by having a custom made cake topper. Imagine having miniature versions of you and your partner decorating your cake. These gorgeous designs have been made by Pauline Christiansen of

These gorgeous headbands would be perfect for bridesmaids or brides of any age. They are also a lot less expensive than buying from a huge wedding chain store. Check other these and other lovely designs by Amy Hook at

These handmade tiaras are a brand new design made by Tracey from Aunt Trace's Emporium. I could just imagine feeling like a real princess wearing one of these!! You can find them at!/pages/Auntie-Traces-Emporium/118788391476167?ref=ts

How perfect as a bridesmaid's gift? These beautiful necklaces made by Fiona Littlewood of Little Dragon Jewellery can be found at

All of these lovely things would go towards making your day unique and more special!! There are so many more items out there to choose from, this is just a taster of some of the gorgeous goodies you could purchase!!

If you are getting married and have started to plan your "big day" all the best and I hope you enjoy your wedding day as I much as I did mine!! xx

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