Monday, 16 August 2010

Fantastic Few Weeks!

I really needed to share my excitement with you all! I have just had the most amazing few weeks! It feels that finally word is beginning to spread about my jewellery and I am making great sales at craft fairs as well as in my galleries. I have been doing this full time since February and have had a few very tough months were I was wondering whether it was really worth continuing but suddenly it seems to be taking off!!

Here are just a few of the items I have sold in recent weeks:

Agate, lapis, aventurine and howlite necklace

A pearl rope made with an unusual combination of coloured cultured freshwater pearls

I sold this bracelet on Saturday at my jewellery demonstration at Leabrooks Gallery. It's made from green/orange agate, aventurine and pearls. However, the lady that wanted it is not a fan of pearls so I took these out and replaced them with the jade ones she wanted. She was really pleased!

Red tiger eye leaf charm bracelet

Aquamarine and citrine charm bracelet

Yellow turquoise and jade earrings

Tiger eye, agate and shell necklace

and finally....

Leopardskin jasper sterling silver ring that was made to order for a fellow Folksy seller.

Please do have a look at her shop too! She is a very talented milliner who has created some amazing designs.

Thank you so much to all of those who have bought my pieces. You have no idea how cheerful it has made me! Long may the sales continue!!


  1. I'm glad it is going well for you, there are so many of us jewellery makers wanting a share of business it is hard and never ending work....but you are obviously doing something right :)

  2. The tiger eye and agate necklace is YUMMY!! No wonder you are doing well.

  3. Thank you! I loved the tiger eye and agate too, was quite sad to see it go. Not quite sure what I am doing really but I do promote a lot! Maybe this is starting to pay off or maybe I've just been lucky so far? I do like to think that my jewellery is a bit different though so maybe that's it? Jo x