Friday, 10 September 2010

Folksy Friday

I have an amazing brother, who this week, has agreed to invest some money in my jewellery business that will hopefully allow me to expand it! My house has had a feeling of Dragon's Den about it this week! To celebrate my brother's generosity I have decided to give this week's Folksy Friday a dragon theme. I spent quite some time choosing from the amazing selection of items on Folksy. Here are just a few of the lovely things I found.

This lovely bag made by Hanami can be used for a variety of uses and I just loved the fact that it is a little bit different.

How cute is this birthday card made by My Crafty Heaven? It's so bright and cheerful I just fell in love with the sad eyes!

How amazing is this character? The craftsmenship that has gone into this fabulous creation by Feyth just blew me away!

I was really impressed with the detail in this stunning vase made by SpiderKat Designs. This would look fabulous on any sideboard!

The amount of work that must have gone into creating this incredible framed patchwork is just amazing! You must have so much patience Starryskies?

This lovely bracelet really caught my eye as it contains one of my favourite gemstones - dragon vein agate, it's just fabulous. This piece created by Kokokelli also has a matching necklace and earrings set.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing my selection this week! See you again soon!!


  1. Wow! Beautiful items! I adore the craftmanship in all of the items but I have to agree with you that the drogon by Feyth just blew me away too.

    Natalie x

  2. I'm a fan of Feyth's dragons they are so gorgeous! A great theme and for a fab reason! Good luck with the expansion of your business.

    Laura x

  3. These are stunning and I am blushing a little bit but very happy to be featured amongst such wonderful talent. Hugs Pascale

  4. Feyth's work is amazing! I love all things dragony and you have found some beauties!

  5. dragons are amazing , Glad you got some investment its such a help, what a lovely brother you must have x

  6. I love dragons so much I wish I had a pet one! lol thanks so much for featuring my bracelet :o) xXx

  7. Thanks for featuring my vase amongst such beautiful artwork. Good luck with your expansion. xx