Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gorgeous Green!

Hello again. Another of my favourite festive colours is green. Makes me think of the lovely aroma of pine from a Christmas tree. We always buy a tree with roots and plant it in the garden once the festive season is over to grow. However, last year this plan didn't work as our dog, Ned, who was still a puppy had other ideas. He gradually nibbled at it until it shrivelled up and died. We are hoping this year, now that he is a bit older, he will leave it alone to grow fingers crossed!

I've found these great green items on Folksy today, all listed as part of the daily listings club November Sparks. I think you will agree they are all gorgeous!!

Green and Gold Swallow Brooch by Silk Purse Sow's Ear

Green Resin Earrings by Damselfly Gemma

Mince Pie for Santa Plate by Dottery Pottery

Recycled Wine Bottle Cheeseboard by Blue Daisy Glass

Spice Scented Heart Decoration by Forest Flower

Jade Puffed Heart Earrings by Unique Beaded Gems

Will be back again tomorrow with some more festive colour inspired items from Folksy!! See you then!!


  1. Thanks for including my cheese board.I love seeing what things Damselfly Gemma has added to resin.

  2. Beautiful green choices! Such a calming colour!

    Natalie x

  3. Lots of lovely green things :) I love that mince pie plate. There are always so many gorgeous things to choose from in the listing club, thank you for picking my gingham heart :)

    Anthea x Forest Flower

  4. Fab green choices!! Thanks for including my earrings amongst such pretties. I can sing the praises of Apryl's cheeseboard- I bought one for a friend for Christmas and its going to be soooooo hard to give away

  5. I love that recycled glass cheeseboard! Your story about Ned made me laugh - we had to remove practically every bit of living green thing in our back garden when we got the pups as they just kept eating stuff - now it's all loose stones instead and, guess what, they eat those too!

  6. Lovely green choices! The green swallow brooch is now perched happily on the lapel of my winter coat, I just couldn't resist!

  7. So fantastic that maybe my blog helped to get a sale for a fellow Folkster!! Pointy Pix Ned eats stones too and now that we are having our fire lit he has taken quite a liking to nibbling the odd bit of coal too that's fallen out of the coal bunker! Got to love 'em eh!